To The Max

When Audrey and I go away on vacation maxi dresses are our go to style, our luggage is filled with them and there's a good reason for that. Maxi dresses are the definition of multi-occasion garments.


Maxi dresses are probably the easiest item to wear in your wardrobe. This season my favourites feature bold colours and prints. You can honestly be dressed and out of the house in less than five minutes. My single biggest mistake with maxi dresses is I never want to shorten them. I love the look of wearing them with high platform espadrilles that are completely covered up by the length of the dress. Sure it creates a nice long line and the illusion of added height but it's also a safety hazard! I have tripped on this look numerous times. Also beware of escalators. Yes, I have had to frantically press the emergency stop button because my hem got caught and was dragging me towards oblivion. Shortening your maxi dress to just below the ankle maintains the look and your health. If you are absolutely committed to wearing your maxi to the floor, pair it with a platform sandal not a stiletto that can get caught in the fabric as you walk.


Maxi dresses are a great option for any occasion. They are perfect as a coverup thrown over a bikini on the way to the pool or paired with a pair of great heels for a fancy dinner. Maxi dresses make looking put together so easy that there is really no excuse to not stock up on a few. Speaking of excuses, I have far too often heard friends complain that they don't like the way they look in a maxi dress because they think they look too covered up. While yes, technically you are covered from the neck down, there are so many ways to wear a maxi and still feel free. Look for dresses made in a light weight semi-sheer fabric that wont weigh you down or completely cover you up, like my striped dress in the first image below. Another great way to show some skin, are maxi dresses with a halter neckline, like the leopard print dress I am wearing below. Exposing your shoulders balances out the ankle length hemline. My favourite way to wear a maxi dress without feeling confined is to find dresses with cutouts or slits. Both my Nasty Gal dress in the video above and my Clover Canyon dress pictured below have subtle cutouts that visually help to break up the dress. When it comes to slits, the options are endless. You can find knee high, thigh high, single and double slits, so everyone should be able to find a maxi dress that makes them comfortable.

Audrey's dress from Winners, similar style available at The Bay

Lindsay's dress from Urban Outfitters, similar style available at Zara

Lindsay's shoes from Capezio, available here

Dress from H&M Conscious Collection, find similar styles at Zara

Dress from Zara, find similar styles at Nasty Gal

Designer from Winners, find similar styles at Zara

Dress and shoes from Zara, similar style shoes available at Aldo

Designer from Winners

Designer from Winners, find similar styles at The Bay