Confessions of an Aging Cheerleader

Going through my closet one day I was forced to confront a stunning reality. I had amassed a wardrobe full of dresses that all shared the same cheerleader silhouette. Fitted on top – flared and short. At first I felt a bit silly but then I realized that on some subconscious level I was gravitating towards a silhouette that worked for my body type. It’s worth taking a look at your wardrobe and seeing if you suffer from the same condition. While you don’t want to overdo it on one particular style, it does make sense to evaluate what works for you. For me, because I am not overly busty I like something reasonably fitted on top. The push up, padded bra is a must with this look. In general, dresses are a great wardrobe staple because they hide a multitude of sins, They don’t cut you off at the waist and create the appearance of a longer silhouette which is helpful if you are on the shorter side. The cheerleader cut doesn’t cling to a less than perfect midsection and the flared skirts makes legs look thinner. Note to self, you may want to start buying dresses with a bit longer hem line.

Dress from Zara, similar style available at Zara

Dress from Topshop, similar style available at Zara

Bai Yi Lun Dress from a boutique in East Village, NYC