Mish Mesh

We tend to agree on most things when it comes to fashion but mesh is not one of them. Mesh has been a staple of Lindsay's closet for many years now but Audrey neither approved or partook, until now.


Mesh is a staple in my closet and I believe that it can be worn anywhere, anytime. If even Audrey has given it a shot (and totally rocked it) than truly anyone can too. The key with mesh is to be selective. Once considered a more risque fabric, its direct link to the athleisure movement means that mesh isn't only for the club. For a more casual look find pieces where mesh has been applied on top of a solid fabric, a common technique in athleisure clothing, that adds visual interest with a mesh texture without revealing skin. For a look that is work appropriate, wear pieces that have small mesh accent, like on the sleeves. By isolating mesh in areas where skin can be comfortably revealed in a workplace environment, such as the arms, but also easy covered, you avoid any scandal. For a night out, anything goes, that's all on you.


Mesh is everywhere but I was successfully able to avoid it until a recent trip to New York. It was one of those trips where everything went wrong. I was supposed to be backstage at a New York Fashion Week show for 11 am but my 8 am flight was horribly delayed by snow. I finally made it to the show but when I was ready to head to the hotel a huge rainstorm had descended and I was stranded. The rest of the week continued in the same way so on my last morning I needed a little pick me up and Zara on Fifth Avenue was it. I literally had 30 minutes before I had to head to the airport so there was no time to try on anything. I passed this dress on my way in but worried it would be too revealing. I quickly grabbed two easy to wear tunic tops but on the way to the cash passed this dress again. If it doesn’t fit I can always return it right? So home it went. The only challenge was my bra straps showed through the mesh which I felt made the dress look too busy and took away from the sophistication of the dress. A strapless bra was the perfect solution.

Mesh Dress Motel from DollsKill.com, similar style available at Asos

Faux Leather Dress from Zara, similar style available at Asos

Coincidence & Chance from Urban Outfitters, similar style available at Nasty Gal

Bodysuit from Urban Outfitters, similar style available from Urban Outfitters

Pants from H&M