Fringe Cuff is a personal style digital and social media platform created by mother daughter duo Audrey Hyams Romoff and Lindsay Romoff.  Showcasing not only what's hot, but how to wear it. Fringe Cuff explores trends and how to make them work for you. Most of all, Fringe Cuff is an adventure in fashion and beauty created by two hardcore enthusiasts who live by the philosophy "dress for yourself and own it!".

My love of all things stylish started at a very young age when my mother introduced me to Vogue Magazine. I have always had a strong fashion view point that has in many ways defined my life and career. I founded OverCat, a national communications agency specializing in fashion and beauty brands at the same time I became pregnant with Lindsay. I guess you could say she has always been part of the adventure. I want to thank her for being such a good sport and allowing me to share my love of style even when it meant dressing a two year old in a matching mini me cow print custom designed maxi skirt.

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Fashion and beauty have always been an important part of my life. Some of my earliest memories are of dressing up in the many incredible, and often dramatic pieces, in Audrey's closet, and I guess I never really stopped. Thankfully, Audrey encouraged my exploration of style, even when she didn't always agree with it. As I have gotten older my love of fashion has only continued to grow. Now working at OverCat I have been so lucky to continue to learn about the newest fashion and beauty innovation from some of the industry's leading experts. I can't wait to keep exploring and sharing this adventure with you. 


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